Bind is a high quality, acrylic water-based, low-viscosity and penetrating primer with excellent surface coverage. The product is suitable for a variety of surfaces (including damp surfaces) and allows super quick overcoat time. Bind physically reacts with products to ensure better adhesion to the surface. The product has excellent flexibility and impact resistant properties. It is a clear coat, with a very low sheen finish. The product is a zero VOC, environmentally friendly coating and does not emit fumes and odours during and after application

Size: *
  • 5L
  • 20L

More Details


  • Penetrates deep into the substrate and has water proofing qualities.
  • No chipping or scaling and is non-toxic and odourless.
  • Resistant to corrosion, heat and UV light.
  • Anti-fungus and chemical resistance to acids, alkalines etc


Bind is suitable for application over old and new concrete, slates, bricks, plaster, asbestos, roof tiles, hard boards, chip boards, galvanized steel and pre-painted prepared areas and aluminium


Clean all tools (brushes and rollers) while wet with water after use.

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