Liquid Rubber SpraySeal is a highly versatile instant set coating used to protect a wide variety of construction materials both above and under ground. When cured the product forms a seamless fully adhered membrane to protect most building substrates, roofing restoration and new construction against acid rain, salts, high intensity sunlight and inorganic chemicals.

  • Category: Dropship Only



  • Environmentally and workplace safe alternative to conventional systems.
  • Instant set allowing contractors to walk and work on the surface with no tracking. 
  • Cold applied, requiring no open flames or heaters.
  • Unaffected by acid rain, high intensity sun light, salts and inorganic chemicals.
  • Strongly adheres to most construction substrates.
  • Cured membrane is highly elastic and seamless.


  • Liquid Rubber SpraySeal should not be applied when ambient temperature is below 5°C
  • Uncured liner may be damaged when frozen.
  • Do not apply to wet or frozen surfaces or directly prior to rain.
  • Some surface base coat material such as coal tar are not compatible with Liquid Rubber SpraySeal.
  • SpraySeal is mildly alkaline and is not recommended for aluminium surfaces.
  • This product serve no decorative purpose but can be used in conjunction with RubberGuard.


  • Waterproof and weather proofing of most roofing substrates.
  • Poured concrete and block foundations.
  • Retaining walls and tunnel liners.
  • Concrete water and wastewater containment tanks.
  • ICF (insulated concrete forms)