Liquid Rubber MineSeal is a water based bitumen instant set coating that is cold-applied using a specially designed HVLP spray system. Liquid Rubber MineSeal protect ferrous metal structures subjected to water or chemical aggressive environments. Application includes storage and process tanks, piping and structural features in mining and ore extraction facilities.

  • Category: Dropship Only



  • Environmentally and workplace safe alternative to conventional epoxy, urethane or solvent based coatings.
  • Instant set flexible liner that resist cracking ageing and delamination.
  • Can be applied directly over lightly rusted metal.
  • Unaffected by a range of acids, alkalis and waterborne salts.


  • Liquid Rubber MineSeal should not be applied when ambient temperature is below 5°C
  • Uncured liner may be damaged when frozen.
  • Do not apply to wet or frozen surfaces or directly prior to rain.
  • Some surface base coat material such as coal tar are not compatible with Liquid Rubber MineSeal.
  • MineSeal is mildly alkaline and is not recommended for aluminium surfaces.
  • This product serve no decorative purpose


  •  Mining and ore extraction facilities
  •  Process Plants 
  •  Water treatment plants
  •  Marine and desalination plants