Corrosion Protection Application

Corrosion Protection Application


Liquid Rubber MineSeal C-400 is applied by trained applicators using a duel fluid high volume low pressure pump system(HVLP). A dual nozzle spray gun delivers the product to the surface to  produce an instant set coating. Liquid Rubber high build sealant can be applied by brush and roller and reinforced with geo-fabric for added durability.


  • Metal corrosion protection liners 20-80 mils (0.5 – 2 mm)


  • Liquid Rubber MineSeal C-400  is a water based elastomeric bitumen coating.
  • Environmentally safe alternative to epoxy, urethane or solvent based protective coatings.
  • The instant set coating can be sprayed directly over lightly rusted metal.
  • Excellent adhesion to steel and other ferrous metals No blistering or creep-back
  • The membrane is unaffected by a wide range acids, salts and chemicals.
  • Remains elastic regardless of temperature fluctuations.
  • Exceeds ASTM B117-97 1000 hr. ‘salt fog’  corrosion  performance limits
  • Exceeds surface corrosion protection ASTM D610, Excellent abrasion resistance


Applications include storage and process tanks, pipelines , structural features in mining and ore extraction facilities, fertilizer plants, water treatment plants, desalination plants, chemical processing facilities, pulp mills, power plants and more.