About Us

About Us
Liquid Rubber Industries SA (Pty) Ltd ("LRI") is the owner of the “Liquid Rubber” trademark in South Africa and has been distributing cutting edge protective coatings since 2009.

Liquid Rubber's product range is environmentally safe and used for waterproofing and corrosion protection to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, above and underground. Liquid Rubber is highly resistant to a range of acids, alkalis , waterborne salts, ultra violet rays and biological deterioration.

Our products cover an extensive range of instant-setting and highly flexible elastomeric modified emulsion coatings in various industries with wide range of applications:

- Waterproofing
- Corrosion protection
- Fireproofing
- Soil stabilization and Dust control
- Asbestos encapsulation

Key Benefits:
Our products is known for their ease of surface preparation and application which makes it cost effective. The elastomeric coatings fully adheres seamlessly to various substrates. All our product are cold applied, environmentally friendly and safe.

Valued Customers,
As we continue to navigate the challenges posed by this pandemic the safety of our employees and our customers remains top priority. 
Our customers’ business continuity is a key priority. We want to minimize service disruptions or impacts to your business. Though work environments have changed, our commitment to our clients remains the same. Essential suppliers are staffed with critical employees adhering to regulations focused on their safety, including physical distancing protocols and elevated cleaning procedures. Our office-based employees have successfully transitioned to work-from-home.

I am pleased to report that we can process and deliver your order for products required for essential repairs and renovations.

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support.



LRI offers a weather and rust proof roof coating which are flexible over a range of conditions. The highly elastomeric quality tolerate stresses caused by temperatures and seasonal expansion and contraction without cracking.

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Liquid Rubber water proofing and concrete protection system is suitable for vertical and horizontal application. The cold applied instant set liquid membrane protects cured concrete walls and tanks below and above grade against water, salt and chemical damage.

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Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection Application

Liquid Rubber bitumen modified liners, coatings and sealants protects ferrous metals and concrete in modern mining and process industries against corrosion. MineSeal C-400 has both a high acid resistance and excellent balance between hardness and elasticity.

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LRI offers a pitch/polymer emulsion that effectively binds native road and shoulder surfaces to create a waterproof non-leaching barrier. African weather conditions often lead to the need for repetitive road repairs which can become costly. Our applications will produce a road surface that is easier and less expensive to maintain.

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Product Range

Product Range

Our product range offers alternatives to damaging decorative products, without compromising on any aspect of quality or design.

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All of our products are non toxic and completely free of VOCs. Water based and the professional choice.


Product Range


A UV resistant acrylic rubberising compound for corrosion protection and moderate abrasion applications. Rubberguard is applied as a single component liquid, alone or as a top coat for Liquid Rubber’s bitumen based coatings.


MetalGuard is a quick drying durable coating with excellent anti-corrosion and weathering resistant properties. MetalGuard is formulated for all ferrous substrates and provides a complete protective coating on its own or in conjunction with Rubberguard.


GREENDUST - is a synthetic polymer emulsion concentrate consisting of a combination of carefully selected polymers designed specifically for dust palliative and soil stabilization applications.

Product Range

Our product range offers alternatives to damaging decorative products, without compromising on any aspect of quality or design.

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Liquid Rubber SpraySeal is a highly versatile instant set coating used to protect a wide variety of construction materials both above and under ground. When cured the product forms a seamless fully adhered membrane to protect most building substrates, roofing restoration and new construction against acid rain, salts, high intensity sunlight and inorganic chemicals.


Liquid Rubber MineSeal is a water based bitumen instant set coating that is cold-applied using a specially designed HVLP spray system. Liquid Rubber MineSeal protect ferrous metal structures subjected to water or chemical aggressive environments. Application includes storage and process tanks, piping and structural features in mining and ore extraction facilities.


Liquid Rubber BrushSeal or HB-S200, is a high build chemical and water resistant elastomeric adhesive and industrial coating for construction materials both above and underground. Applied by brush or roller Liquid Rubber BrushSeal is an ideal choice for professional contractors and the do-it-yourself customer.

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